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COVID-19 Technology Response

EGI has been helping clients with cloud and web services since 2008.  We designed, build and managed data centers for over 40,000 user capacity. We are builders of tightly secured, intelligent, agile, robust, and flexible IT infrastructure for digital transformations.

COVID-19 crisis has led businesses to face critical challenges such as: declining sales, stalled production, improve the ability of long-distance collaboration, enable online and digital formats of business development and operations.

Simply digitizing your operations the traditional way will not be enough. Businesses today must focus on using technology to do things in a new ways.

EGI can help you in evaluating your IT Infrastructure and its operations for readiness. We can help you create a road map for a more efficient and better digital world by bringing people and technology together for unrivaled innovation.

IT infrastructure ready for efficient secured remote work:

  • Infrastructure and workplace readiness
  • Infrastructure monitoring and incident management
  • Virtual platforms installation and server monitoring
  • Network Operations
  • VPN and security management
  • Wireless LAN services
  • Routing and switching services
  • Firewall management

Expert assistance in switching your business or providing additional solutions and secured remote work

EGI ensures a seamless transition to remote work that preserves business continuity and teams' productivity is a challenging task.
Our shift to remote operations proceeded with no business interruptions, which confirms the effectiveness of our approaches and solutions.

  • Essential remote work solutions
  • IT Infrastructure remote work capable organization